TUTORIAL #2 : Menghubungkan facebook dan blog melalui Grafitti

Message from Asada Ryutaro

Awal-awal pagi tadi lagi Asada add aku kat facebook!!! Aku yang mamai lagi... bangun tidur terus study muka buku dulu..sebelum mandi...haha * kantoi suda, the true kaler~   Waalaaweii!! rasa so hepi and ofsem....nak taw sebab ofsem sesengat?? sebab dia la aku mula kenal dunia blog nie..bermanja-manja, bersuka-suka..*bukan bermanja-manja dengan dia dowh..dengan korang la ~wink wink~.....
wahaha memang bestttiee la..

ok itu je..sebenarnya just nak cakap yang Asada add aku..over pulak..

Wokkeyh! Wokkeyh! Back to the main topic... this is not a story about Asada that I wanna tell you now, but I wanna promote and tutorial about automatically send blog posts to facebook ...^^" Asada had asked me whether I was another way to share our blog with other people. I share this link on his facebook. However, I still feel dissatisfied if not shared with the bloggers.

Automatically Send Blog Post to Facebook - Facebook nowadays is still considered as the most popular social sites in the world, many webmasters and bloggers wants their blog are connected with facebook, one of which is by send the blog post automatically to facebook.
To send your blog posts automatically to facebook is quite easy, a lot of ways to do it. One fairly effective way is by using the existing RSS Graffiti application on facebook. With RSS Graffiti you can submit the blog posts which taken through your RSS blog to your facebook wall or the facebook page wall.

Send Blog Post to Facebook

Setting RSS Graffiti

The next step is setting the RSS Graffiti application on facebook. Here are the steps:
rss graffiti authorization required

  1. Please to visit http://apps.facebook.com/rssgraffiti/
  2. Continue to login to your facebook
  3. Click on Click Here to authorize RSS Graffiti
  4. Click the Allow button to allow the RSS Graffiti application to post on your facebook wall.
  5. Continue by click Add New Feed
  6. Here you will see several tabs that you have to fill it:
  7. Basic Tab :
    1. Feed URL: fill with your blog feed address. Example:http://feeds.feedburner.com/nutella-form-aindzaya
    2. Source name: fill with source article name, e.g: How To In Blogger
    3. Source URL: fill with the blog address, e.g:  http://aindzaya.blogspot.com/
    4. Style: chose your desired style.
  8. Filter Tab :
    1. Cut-off date/time: to change the articles delivery time, click the change button
    2. Eligibility Age : if you want an interval between your blog posts and facebook wall post, insert the time (in minute).
  9. Transform Tab:
    1. Message: chose as your desired
  10. Schedule Tab :
    1. Update frequency: You can chose the postal delivery Schedule.
    2. Posts per cycle: you can limit the number of posts, but leave it empty if you don’t want.
    3. Precedence: chose as your desired
  11. Tab More :
    1. Publish on behalf of: chose as your desired
    2. Twitter Account: select the twitter account (but this need to be set first in profile setting menu)
    3. Bit.ly Account: select the Bit.ly Account (but this need to be set first in profile setting menu)
  12. Divert attention to the top and click Click here to generate a preview to view the feed you just entered.
  13. If it been as your desired, click Save
  14. Done
The next time you update your blog (new post), it will be automatically posted on your facebook wall by RSS application Graffiti. This method is as an effective way to promote your blog to your facebook friends without having to spend a lot of energy.
This method is not only for your blog on blogger, but can also to other flatform like WordPress, Drupal and others, which important is to have blog feed address to inserted into the RSS Graffiti application.
For the example, you can see on http://www.facebook.com/quenovamiyamaya

enjoyy itt!!!  :)

10 sayang Ain Dzaya ♥:

Zuwairi Aiman berkata...

Salam kunjungan.. singgah la ke blog saya ;)

Judh berkata...

hihi dh try . . thanks Ain ! :D

FizaFizz berkata...

cool!! thnkz share! ;)

ain akasyah berkata...

tq..info yang sgt berguna ain..hehe nama kite same la plak..haha

promote2 la sikit WARKAH AKASYAH BLOGSPOT yer..sayang kamu

MimiQilah:) berkata...

owh mmm. nanti kite cube larh :)

aindzaya berkata...

sama-sama =)

Umar Faruq berkata...

woah.. nice.. sy baru buat nie.. hehe.. nk tgk hasil.. nk update entri baru skrg!! hehe

HAJAR AZMAN :| berkata...

eh eh. ade giveaway hajar azman la kt situ. ahaksss ^^

aindzaya berkata...

haha ^^"
cne plak la yg tu bole d kat situ
klu ta dpt lagi giveway tu..tataw nak ckp cne da..

Tanpa Nama berkata...

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